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Who runs this?

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Hey everyone!

Seriously thanks so much for stopping by. It's truly blowing my mind that anyone is evening visiting this website tbh.  My heart is literally filled with so much joy and I'm so excited to get to share my art with you :)

1. Who Are You?

What a tall question. Simply put, my name is Sean and I've dabbling in graphic design as a hobby since I was probably 14 years old. I've always had a passion for pen and paper and generally anything creative that I can get my hands on. When I'm not working my day-to-day career in the fashion industry, I love enjoying quality time with friends and family, getting outdoors and into the sunshine, cooking, restoring vintage handbags, and drawing on my iPad. This is my first endeavor as a small business owner and I'm truly so excited that I get to share my art with all of you. 

2. Where do you live?

I moved to NYC about 10 years ago to pursue a career in the fashion retail industry. I loved my time in NYC and Brooklyn but recently took a leap of faith and moved out to the PNW, where I currently reside in the beautiful city of Seattle, WA. I wasn't sure how I'd feel about calling a new place "home" but I've settled in pretty well and am absolutely loving it!

3. How did you get into Graphic Design?

Oh gosh. Well, I've always been into hand illustration since i could legit hold a pencil. But on the digital front, I think I actually got into it because I was really into manga and anime and wanted to be able to create that kind of art. When i was 14 I wound up downloading a knockoff photoshop program to my computer and investing in a cheap Bamboo Wacom Graphics Tablet and the rest was history. I kind of fell off the wagon for a couple of years as I adjusted to having a full time career, but it's so important to make time for your hobbies and stick with something creative. I've rediscovered my love and passion for this so here we are!

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4. Where do you get most of your Inspiration?

Truly everywhere! I live in such a creative and artsy city that inspiration is all over the place. I work in fashion so I generally draw a pretty good amount of inspiration just from working in the industry but I also love keeping a pulse on what's going on in Music and Pop Culture. If you can't tell, i'm a huge Britney Spears Stan and love literally everything about her. So be prepared for more Britney inspired artwork. I also am inspired by home decor, all the natural beauty that surrounds us in the outdoors, and my friends who love sharing their ideas with me.

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